• Black jack ver 1.0 Helps you learn and play and infinitely mobile game of blackjack :)
    • Eat - Let this random generator decide what to eat or cook for tonight :)
    • Extra Paydays - Some months you get an extra payday this is called moneybags
    • Randomizer - dice roller / spinner with support
    • Random Webpage - explored the web via randomly generated urls... use at own risk
    • Speed TW - A spinner for a clasic game


    • Balance transfer- Figuire out what your potential savings from transfering a balance to a different credit card could be.
    • Dollar Days - a program for computing required balances to meet daily balance goals, ie no amt fees if average balance over 500.
    • Doubler - find out how long it will take with compouding interest to double
    • How much i do earn in....
    • Is now - Whats your dads $2000 dollar car cost today new? Uses the consumer price index to calculate
    • Millionare math - how much do you need to save per month to become a millionare by the time your....
    • Morgage Killer - a tool for reducing and paying off your morgage early
    • Refiancing comparison tool - want a new morgage would it save you money
    • Morgage payment plan calculator - want to pay off your morgage quicker??
    • To pay off - A program for figuiring out how long it will take you to pay off credit cards with fixed payements
    • Was then - what was a dollar worth back then? Uses the consumer price index to calculate


    • Brain Storm - takes two random lists and combines them together for brain storming
    • Big number calculator basic calculator that allows extremely large numbers
    • Copy click - save blocks of text which can be coppied to clipboard with a left click :)
    • Video metronome keep time with video and sound!
    • Format Image - Creates an infintely shareable image from text for facebook(tm) or otherwise sharing pleasue
    • Search list make lists and use regex to search them :)
    • Todo Basic - first iteratetion of an online task list
    • Infinite Timer - View a semi-custom length video timer with buzzer
    • Watchlist - Keep track of how long until upcoming events

    Programming Tools